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The Liberal Press Vs. President Trump. Will they be Trumped?

Feb 21, 2017

ArmchairPolitician.US Blog Post by Brad Peery

The objective of the ArmchairPolitician.US blog is to examine the liberal media, compare their reporting with the objectives of the Trump Presidency, and report objectively on the results that are being achieved by the Trump Administration.

It will also be interesting to assess all of the major national media entities, their reporting on the Trump Presidency, and their accuracy in opining on President Trump’s successes and failures.

The blog is being created by Brad Peery, a former U.S. Senate candidate, who challenged Lowell Weicker in the 1982 Connecticut Primary. The other candidates were Robin Moore, the author of the Green Berets, and Prescott Bush.

Mr. Peery has a love for politics, and an analyst perspective on the issues being faced by the Trump Presidency.

President Trump is likely to modify his campaign promises as he meets the realities of foreign governments and entities such as ISIS. We expect him to stick to his basic themes, such as immigration reform, U.S. job growth through bringing back jobs that are being exported, building U.S. infrastructure, and putting in lower corporate and personal tax rates to stimulate economic growth.

The over 10% increases in the major stock market indexes, such as the Dow Jones index, the S&P 500 index and Nasdaq, indicate that Wall Street believes President Trump will be successful in improving economic growth through increasing corporate profitability, increasing individual jobs, and growing personal after-tax disposable income.

Brad Peery Background

The author has over 40 years of experience in the investment industry. He was the first Wall Street telecom analyst in 1972. He followed the telecom industry for over 30 years. His broker-dealer was an underwriter in over 200 telecom syndicates in the 1990s, His investment banking firm managed partnerships that invested through both U.S. and offshore entities. His investment banking firm also invested in over 20 private early-stage broadband communications companies.

The telecom industry, being global, allowed Mr. Peery to be a worldwide telecom economist. This required understanding the economic issues that faced companies trying to do business in countries such as China and India.

He is currently an advisor to companies in the medical technology area, and to a company developing blockchain technology to move banks and financial institutions into the blockchain opportunity to improve the FinTech technology being pioneered by bitcoin technology.

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