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Our North Korea And China Options Were Discussed in a Lou Dobbs Fox Broadcast: Both Are A Threat, And What Should The U.S. Do?

ArmchairPoliticianChina, May 31, 2017, Brad Peery, ArmchairPolitician.US,

Lou Dobbs Tonight-Gordon Chang-Some of “The Coming Collapse of China” author‘s opinions are included below.

China and the U.S. are on a collision course. They are essential to North Korea’s ability to develop a nuclear weapons program, and an ICBM missile program.

China provides 90% of North Korea’s external trade plus most of their food and oil. China has also provided most of the technology for their missiles. Three launches this year appear to be from China’s technology for JL-submarine launched missiles. Also, parts recovered after the launches were provided by Chinese companies. Additionally, in the North Korea nuclear weapons program, some of the semi-processed materials came from China.

To recap North Korea’s missile tests, there were 8 in 2015, 16 in 2016, and 9 in 2017 before today’s launch. The missile test launch program has obviously been accelerated. The missiles are now being carried on mobile launchers, which makes them more difficult to detect. Those mobile launchers are Chinese. The canister in a recent North Korea military parade also looks like it is Chinese.

The U.S. has responded by sending a third carrier strike force moving into the Sea of Japan. It might be there partially because of China, to counter possible provocative measures elsewhere. We also need to impose sanctions on Chinese financial organizations, and companies that are facilitating North Korean weapons programs.

North Korea has increased its’ provocations by exhibiting its’ missile launch capabilities. This is despite China’s President’s understanding with President Trumps’ apparently successful meeting in Mir Lago, Florida. The U.S. issues with China appear to go well beyond North Korea, and could affect our desires that they restrain North Korea, which they have not done in the past.

China launched its third missile in three weeks vowing to send a gift package to the U.S. Coincidentally, a few days later, the U.S. successfully launched a missile from Vandenberg AFB in California to intercept a missile launched from the Ronald Reagan Ballistic Missile Defense Test Site on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands 4,200 miles away. This is part of an actual protective measure shield that can protect the U.S. against missile attacks on the U.S. by North Korea connected to their nuclear weapons development programs and their missile launch tests or others.

One action needed is U.S. action to respond to these activities is to confront China publicly on their provocative activities including: building a military island in a disputed part of the North China Sea, and activities in the South China Sea and East China Sea. Other activities include cyber-attacks, predatory trade practices, what they are doing to Taiwan, and a whole range of other practices.

ArmchairPolitician.US Opinion
Developing a responsible response to North Korean weapons development programs, while confronting Chinese worldwide expansion ambitions, is a daunting challenge.
The U.S. has recently sanctioned Chinese and other persons that have been, and are, involved in assisting North Korea in evading sanctions, and assisting the development of North Korea missile, and nuclear activities. The Trump administration’s overall response to the joint threats from China and North Korea remains to be seen. China may view North Korea as a subservient country over whom they have total control, which control expands their territorial ambitions, protects their Korean Peninsula border, and extends their influence.

The liberal media is focused on an investigation of Russian campaign ties to the Trump campaign, which the liberal media continues to attempt to broaden by assuming that events such as associating Jared Cushner, because of Soviet contacts during the election campaign, is somehow incriminating.

The liberal media is not only ignoring the real foreign threats of Chins, North Korea and Iran, but creating false doubts about the Trump administration.

ArmchairPolitiicianUnitedNationsNorthKorea, May 17, 2017, by Brad Peery, www.ArmchairPolitician.US
Will The U.N. Adopt More Sanctions, and Will China Enforce The Existing And New Sanctions On North Korea?

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