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Should South Korea And Japan Be Given Nuclear Weapons? Will That Cause China To Contain North Korea?

ArmchairPolitiicianNorthKorea, July 11, 2017, by Brad Peery, WWW. ArmchairPolitician.US,

North Korea launched its first intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM). This is viewed as a serious escalation of the threat that North Korea poses to the U.S. and the international community. They seem to be making rapid progress in their ballistic missile program. The Hwasong-14 ICBM that was launched appears to have a range that will put South Korea, Japan, Guam and Alaska in range. More technical feats that need to be accomplished for North Korea to deliver a nuclear weapon to the U.S. West Coast are to increase the range of the missile, miniaturize the warhead, and hardening of the warhead so that it can survive a reentry from space into the atmosphere. It would seem that these technical hurdles are likely to be surmounted within the next year or two by North Korea. Based upon their threats and actions, if the U.S. does not neutralize the threat, the U.S. will, in the next two years, be vulnerable to nuclear attack by North Korea.

Since North Korea continues to threaten the U.S. with a nuclear weapon, useful is the magnitude of the threat. South Korea’s population is about 50 million people. Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea has a population of about 2.4 million people. Seoul, South Korea, is close to North Korea has a population of 10 million people, and is an immediate threat from North Korea because of the thousands of missiles pointed at it. Japan has a population of 127 million people and the U.S. has a population of 321 million people. North Korea, with a population of 25 million people is a direct nuclear threat to three countries with a population of about 500 million people. Something must be done to neutralize the nuclear threat of North Korea.

North Korea appears to have diplomatic ties with 164 countries, and embassies in 47 countries. Most of the foreign diplomats are believed to be responsible for developing business and providing funds for the their country. Under the Trump administration, more countries are starting to clamp down on North Korea. The U.S. Senate is drafting legislation that would create a “global embargo” on North Korea, according to Senator Cory Gardner (R, CO), who is on the chairman of the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations sub-panel on East Asia.

India and Russia have been trading partners with North Korea, with India being the second largest after China. According to a UN report, Last year, North Korea attempted to export communications equipment to Eritrea through front companies in Malaysia. There are about 50,000 Korean workers in foreign countries. Their wages go to the government, and provide hundreds of millions of dollars in financing for North Korea.

The U.S. announced it is leading with diplomatic efforts, but the military remains ready based on its treaties with South Korea and Japan. The U.S. is trying to involve the UN, but so far has been stymied by Russia. The UN has imposed six rounds of increasingly severe sanctions on North Korea, which it appears that both Russia and China and their companies have violated. The U.S. plans to introduce a resolution to the UN Security Council “that raises the international response in a way that is proportionate to North Korea’s escalation”. Nikki Haley, the UN Ambassador, has told China that their trade with the U.S. is at risk if they violate UN resolutions in dealing with North Korea. Future actions could be designed to:
Cut off major sources of currency to North Korea
Restrict the flow of oil to their military and weapons programs
Increase maritime and air restrictions, and
Hold senior officials accountable
She also said that “We will also look at any country that does business with this outlaw regime”. These countries could also be candidates to have their trade with the U.S. impacted.

ArmchairPolitician.US Opinion:
The U.S. has demonstrated its commitment to confronting a very dangerous nuclear threat from North Korea. The objective is to dismantle North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs. This is likely to require regime change. China could play a crucial role in confronting North Korea, but appears to be unwilling to do so. The objective should be to denuclearize the Korean peninsula. The only way to do that might be to integrate North and South Korea, and eliminate the North Korean missile and nuclear programs. The only way to do this is likely to happen is the elimination of Kim Jong-Un as the leader of North Korea. This might be done politically or militarily.

A possible action that might get the attention of China would be introducing nuclear weapons into either or both of South Korea and Japan. This could be more important to China than protecting North Korea.

The media are talking about Trump’s son’s meeting with a lawyer with possible Russian connections, instead of covering the real issues facing the U.S., of which the most important is the nuclear threat of North Korea. We will follow this severe threat to the U.S. as it unfolds.

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