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President Trump’s State Of The Union Address 2018 Was Very Well Done. His Administrations First Year Achievements Were Given And His 2018 Plans Were Outlined

ArmchairPolitiicianStateOfTheUnion2018, January 31, 2018, by Brad Peery

Book on Trump’s Political Agenda and Achievements

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First Year Achievements
• Wants to Make America Great for all Americans;
• Have dealt with hurricanes, floods and fires;
• Steve Scalise took a bullet and was recognized;
• 200,000 new manufacturing jobs were created;
• Wages are rising;
• Lowest unemployment rates have been achieved;
o African American unemployment is at lowest ever; and
o Hispanic unemployment is also at the lowest ever;
• Small business confidence is strong;
• The stock market strong;
o Workers 401Ks are up
• Biggest tax cuts and reforms in history have been achieved;
o Middle class and small business in particular are benefitting;
• Family tax deductions have been doubled to $24,000;
• The child tax credit has been doubled;
• The Obamacare individual healthcare mandate has been eliminated;
• We slashed the business tax rate to 21% to make them competitive worldwide;
• Small business has a 20% tax reduction increase;
• So far there have been 3 million tax cut bonuses;
• $350 billion has been returned to the U.S. by Apple and 20,000 U.S workers will be added
• Exxon is making a $50 billion investment in U.S.

2018 Future Plans
• American flag pride will be encouraged;
• In God We Trust will also be encouraged;
• The police, military and veterans will be supported;
• The kid who put flags on 40,000 graves of soldiers was recognized;
• Standing for the National Anthem will be encouraged;
• It appeared that only Republican Supreme Court members were in attendance;
• Choice in healthcare will be pursued;
• The Veterans Administration Accountability Act reforms the VA:
o 1500 are people gone; and
o Veterans need to be taken care of;
• Federal workers who fail need to be removed;
• Regulation removal is being pursued;
• The war on energy and clean coal has been ended;
• Detroit is revving up its engines;
o Chrysler is moving a major plant from Mexico to Michigan;
o Toyota and Mazda will build a plant in Alabama;
o All of the auto companies are coming back and new plants will be everywhere
o The U.S. is where the action is;
• We are becoming an exporter of energy to the world;
• The FDA approving medical devices more quickly;
• Experimental technology should be made available for the terminally ill;
• We must reduce the price of prescription drugs;
o They cost less internationally;
o This is a top priority; and
o Lower prices will occur;
• The U.S. faces unfair trade practices
o Trade deals must be reciprocal;
o There will be new trade deals;
o Intellectual property will be protected; and
o Enforcement will be strong;
• Infrastructure issues;
o 10 years are required for approval of a simple road;
o Infrastructure should be made safe, fast and reliable;
o $1.5 billion is needed for infrastructure over 10 years;
• State & Local involvement is needed;
• Private investment will be encouraged;
• A 1-2 year approval process needs to occur;
o Roads, bridges, highways, waterways, and railways need to be improved;
• American infrastructure development;
• Those on welfare need to work;
• Those in poverty need to have prospects;
• Workforce development and job training is needed;
o Vocational schools are needed;
• Paid family leave needs to be enacted;
• Prisons reform is needed;
o Second chance should be given to prisoners;
• Illegal immigrant communities face problems from their own;
o Loss of lives from illegal immigrants;
o They are competing for U.S. citizen jobs;
o MS-13 consists of illegals and corrupts minors
o Need to close loopholes;
• ICE support helps with problem
• U.S. citizens need to be protected;
o We need to defend them;
o Americans are dreamers too;
• A needed immigration reform package has four pillars;
o The package needs to be detailed;
o Fair compromise needs to be negotiated with the Democrats;
o Needed reforms have 4 pillars;
• There needs to be a path to citizenship for 1.8 million illegal immigrants;
• There needs to be education and work requirements plus good citizenship over 12 years;
• We need to secure the border fully;
• A wall is needed;
• More border patrol people are required;
• Catch and release needs to be ended;
o It is dangerous;
• The Visa lottery needs to be ended and immigration must;
• Be merit based;
• Those approved must love and respect our country;
• They must be skilled; and
• They must work;
• We need to end chain migration;
• Distant relatives should not be allowed to enter;
• Spouses and minor children should be allowed;
• Opioid and drug addiction needs to be addressed;
o We need to be tougher on dealers;
o Treatment needs to be provided;
• Terrorists need to be pursued;
• Countries that could be a threat include;
o China
o Russia
• Unmatched power is needed;
o Sequestration needs to be ended;
o We need to modernize and rebuild defenses;
• We need to extinguish ISIS;
o Close to 100% of their territory in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere has been recaptured;
o We need to continue the fight;
• Unlawful enemy combatants are a problem;
o They need to be treated like terrorists;
o Many are let go;
o We need to keep Guantanamo open;
• In Afghanistan;
o We have new rules of engagement
o We don’t tell our plans publically;
• With regard to Israel;
o Jerusalem is the capital
• The UN has been unfair;
• $20 billion of aid is being sent;
• It will go only to friends;
• Iran policy:
o Stand with Iranian people in their quest for freedom;
o The Nuclear Pact is flawed;
• With regard to Cuba and Venezuela;
o We need to put sanctions on dictatorships;
• North Korea issues;
o Nuclear missiles are a risk to U.S.
• They are a threat to America and our allies;
o An escapee was highlighted;
• We need to Protect our citizens
o Music is a talent;
o Science and discovery are features;
o They are Making America Great again.
Rediscovering America again will be the theme for 2018.

ArmchairPolitician.US Opinion
Trump’s speech was very well done. It was very detailed both with regard to his first year achievements, and his focus and plans for 2018. The Democrats sat on their hands when they should have been applauding achievements such as the lowest unemployment rates ever being achieved by African Americans and Hispanics. Their obstructionist policies were brightly on display including the continual scowls of Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer despite the economic and other achievements of the Trump administration.

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