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A Reorganization of the Chinese Communist Party Has Begun

ArmchairTechInvestor, March 15, 2018, by Brad Peery

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The succession of President Ji Jinping to a position of President for life has started what amounts to a total reorganization of the 89 million member Communist Party. Key goals of the new policies include eliminating bureaucratic inertia, shifting away from wasteful investments toward sustainable growth, and making China a global power. The plan’s emphasis is on control, which could bode poorly for already heavily regulated foreign businesses. An objective is to make the economy more market driven, and use more party to more effectively run the government.

Banking and Insurance Regulation

The banking and insurance commissions will be merged. This will set the stage to address deep-seated risks to the banking system and the economy. The central bank will set overall rules for the banking and insurance industries. Oversight of individual firms will be left to the new commission. The head of this commission will be Liu He, a close confidant of President Ji, and his top economic advisor. This should lead to capital markets reforms that include reducing debt levels, and reducing the risk of financial products, such as derivatives. Also included is pricing authority and antimonopoly enforcement from other departments as well as product safety, including food and drugs.

One Belt, One Road Trade Network

An office of international development cooperation has been created, under which the One Belt, One Road Trade Network will fall. The office is described as providing foreign aid, but its objectives are far broader and include political and military influence, building an extensive array of jointly owned facilities with the host nation, and extending China’s global presence.

Additionally, in prospect are to:
• Create of a new ministry to manage land, ocean and other resources;
• Intensify an anti-corruption crackdown; and
• Add a new veterans affairs ministry;

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