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Federal $300 billion Spending Deal Signed By Trump, Ending A Government Shutdown And Implementing A Two Year Budget Deal: Will The Deficit Balloon?

ArmchairPolitician.US, February 18, 2018, by Brad Peery

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On February 8, 2017, the $300 billion budget deal became law. Shortly thereafter, Trump introduced his detailed fiscal 2019 budget forecast that did not include the details of the $300 billion budget deal. The 2019 budget forecast needs […]

The Republicans Are Trying To Pass A Budget And A Tax Bill In 2017. Will It Happen?

ArmchairPoliticianBudgetTaxReductions October 21, 2017, by Brad Peery, WWW.ArmchairPolitician.US,

Both the Senate and House have passed budget bills. Completing a budget will is needed before a tax reduction bill can be adopted. Both of these are needed to complete a meaningful budget. Therefore a completed budget cannot really be completed until the details of possible […]

Trump Budget-Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid & Obamacare Repeal-The Issues Are Serious

ArmchairPoliticianTrumpBudget, May 27, 2017, Brad Peery, ArmchairPolitician.US,

The Trump Budget is supposedly a balance one at the end of 10 years, but the revenue growth numbers are unrealistic. It appears that a 3% GDP growth rate is assumed, without the personal and corporate tax deductions that are supposed to drive the higher GDP growth […]

Trump Budget-Results Overview: Can It Deliver A Balanced Budget?

ArmchairPoliticianTrumpBudget, May 26, 2017, Brad Peery, ArmchairPolitician.US,

President Trump is championing reducing corporate taxes to 15% as a way of making U.S. companies competitive worldwide, returning jobs to the U.S., and recapturing offshore corporate cash. However, the corporate income tax receipts are inconsistent with these plans. Corporate income tax receipts go from $324 billion […]

Trump Budget-Economic Assumptions: Are They Reasonable?

ArmchairPoliticianTrumpBudget, May 24, 2017, Brad Peery, ArmchairPolitician.US,

The Trump Budget-A New Foundation For American Greatness-Fiscal Year 2018 has been published by the Office of Management and Budget (OMB). A starting point in looking at what is a 10-year budget is to look at the economic assumptions, particularly in view of Trumps agenda to increase […]

Trump Budget Strategy: Target 10% or More Budget Reductions for Most Departments, and the EPA, While Increasing Defense and Security Expenditures.

ArmchairPoliticianTrumpBudget, March 19, 2017, by Brad Peery, ArmchairPolitician.US

This article was published before our ArmchairPolitician.US blog site started. ArmchairPolitician.US View: The Trump Budget is an outline of the discretionary spending priorities over the next four years. Not included are the personal and corporate tax reductions, infrastructure spending initiatives, and spending in excess of the $4.5 […]

If Trump Can Stimulate the US Growth Rate, Tax Increases Could Help Reduce the Deficit, Subject to the Impact of Tax Reductions.

ArmchairPoliticianTrumpBudget, March 3, 2017, Brad Peery, ArmchairPolitician.US,

This article was published before our ArmchairPolitician.US blog site started. Spending Overview from the US Budget for fiscal 2017 • Spending on Social Security, unemployment, and labor is estimated to be about 36% of all outlays in 2017. This is greater than average when compared to budgets […]