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President Trump’s State Of The Union Address 2018 Was Very Well Done. His Administrations First Year Achievements Were Given And His 2018 Plans Were Outlined

ArmchairPolitiicianStateOfTheUnion2018, January 31, 2018, by Brad Peery

Book on Trump’s Political Agenda and Achievements

WWW. ArmchairPolitician.US,

First Year Achievements • Wants to Make America Great for all Americans; • Have dealt with hurricanes, floods and fires; • Steve Scalise took a bullet and was recognized; • 200,000 new manufacturing jobs were created; • […]

Media Bias & Trump Overstatements Both Occur: How Does That Distort The Reporting Of World Events?

ArmchairPoliticianTrumpMedia October 8, 2017, by Brad Peery, WWW.ArmchairPolitician.US,

There is clearly a media bias against President Trump. It can be characterized by the study that showed that 93% of the stories about Trump have been negative. In a neutral media environment, one would only expect 50% of the stories would be negative. However, the […]

Trump Has Addressed Significant Obama Weaknesses: A Blog Post And An Introduction To A New Book.

ArmchairPolitiicianMediaBias, August 8, 2017, by Brad Peery, WWW.ArmchairPolitician.US

The Trump administration has seven main focuses as a result of the Obama administrations policies. They are: Improving the U.S. economy; Rebuilding U.S. defenses: Reengaging in the Middle East; Addressing terrorism, drugs and gang violence by strengthening our borders and immigration policies; Confronting Iran, Russia and China; […]

The U.S. Funding Deadline And An Obamacare Replacemnt Bill Provide A View Into Some Republican and Democratic Political Issues

ArmchairPolitiicianGpvernmentFunding, April 23, 2017, by Brad Peery, ArmchairPolitician.US

A government funding deadline looms on April 29 that threatens a possible partial government shutdown. To pass a spending bill, Republicans will require some Democratic support in the Senate to get the required 60 votes.

The White House has inserted requests for increased defense funding, a […]

The Liberal Press Vs. President Trump. Will they be Trumped?

Feb 21, 2017

ArmchairPolitician.US Blog Post by Brad Peery

The objective of the ArmchairPolitician.US blog is to examine the liberal media, compare their reporting with the objectives of the Trump Presidency, and report objectively on the results that are being achieved by the Trump Administration.

It will also be interesting to assess all of the […]