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The Arctic Area Is Being Coveted By Russia And China As Well As Others. Is The U.S. Arctic Policy Appropriate?

ArmchairPolitiicianArctic, January 28, 2018, by Brad Peery,

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*The Arctic is becoming increasingly important, as warming worldwide temperatures enable shipping to increase through the winter months, and resource exploration becomes more feasible.

In January, 2018, China issued its first strategy paper […]

SpaceX Continues Innovate By Announcing Plans For A Mars Flight By 2024: Who Can Compete?

ArmchairPolitiicianNASA, October 1, 2017, by Brad Peery, WWW.ArmchairPolitician.US,

SpaceX has continued its success with its Falcon 9 space launch system, having launched and recovered 13 launch vehicles so far this year. It has a strong customer base, including one with NASA to deliver supplies to the Space Station. The last SpaceX Space Station resupply […]

Trump’s Growth Objectives Rely on Productivity Increases And Employment Growth: What Are The Issues-1

ArmchairPolitician.JobsAndProductivity, August 15, 2017, By Brad Peery, WWW.ArmchairPolitician.US,

President Trump’s agenda includes growing jobs. He is also trying to grow GDP at 3% compared to the 1.9% rate in the first half of 2017. What is the probability that GDP will continue the 2% growth rate for the eight years of the Obama administration? […]

A New Air Traffic Control System Is Possible: Will The Congress Step Up And Make It Happen?

ArmchairPolitiicianInfrastructure, June 7, 2017, by Brad Peery,, www.ArmchairPolitician.US

The Trump infrastructure plan began to unfold with a proposal to overhaul our nation’s air traffic control system. The system includes 300 air traffic control systems and about 30,000 employees. The air traffic control system is seriously antiquated, and many attempts have been unsuccessful in […]

SpaceX Continues To Challenge And Supplement The Work Of NASA. A Whole New Era Of Space Travel Is Underway.

ArmchairPolitiicianNASA, June 6, 2017, by Brad Peery, WWW.ArmchairPolitician.US,

Elon Musk’s SpaceX continues to make significant progress in developing a reusable space launch system. NASA is also moving to develop a much more powerful launch vehicle, and to reduce the cost of space system purchases. A successful SpaceX launch this week has moved their program […]

Immigration Policy: What Is the Real Story in Sweden?

March 6, 2017, armchairpoliticianimmigration, by Brad Peery, ArmchairPolitician.US

President Trump was criticized for his remarks on the Swedish immigration problems, which he attributed to a Fox news report. The details are now emerging, and the liberal media is nowhere to be seen.

The Swedish Situation.

275,000 asylum seekers entered Sweden from 2014-2016. This is more […]

Trump Believes We Can We Achieve 3% Economic Growth. What are the Realities?

March 5, 2017, Brad Peery, ArmchairPolitician.US

We have been at a historically low growth rate of 2%, since the economic turmoil that ended in about 2008. Following such a downturn, economic recovery has typically been much faster. Also, historic growth has been at about 3%, which is about the growth rate being targeted by President […]